Heard of MRAP insects?

Request information on insect specimen traders or offer reports about your transactions from your personal experience. Only registered users can view this information.
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Heard of MRAP insects?

Post by WingedWishes »

There is a person on Instagram selling insects from Indonesia. I am waiting for some more information but I wanted to know if any of you have heard of it this dealer. The Instagram handle is MRAP insects.

To everyone else,
This is how you prevent getting scammed. Ask for references in the forum BEFORE you place an order.
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Re: Heard of MRAP insects?

Post by lepman1256 »

I have purchased from this young woman, and received items. Packaging was poor as I asked for extra packing to be done on skeletons, and they still came broken. There was too much movement within the box. Invoice in box listed miscellaneous "heads" instead of an itemized list. She did suggest I do an E dec form, which I did not do, so she does have that going for her. First time ever a package was opened and inspected both in Indonesia and the U.S. before I received it. I will continue purchasing from more reliable Indo sources.
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