The tree that keeps on giving

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The tree that keeps on giving

Post by kevinkk »

I've got a brood of Pachysphinx occidentalis going on Salix babylonica, half are indoors, and half outdoors in a sleeve, today, for the second time
now, when moving the sleeved larva, another species presented itself, the first one I found was a mystery sphinx larva, this larva today is clearly
a Papilio, most likely rutulus.
The tree needs trimmed, so I just cut off the sleeved branches and relocate the occidentalis, but when going through the cut material-
presto! New larva to bring indoors, there's quite a size difference between my finds and the brood, and even though the willow will keep leaves
until after Halloween, I think indoors I can get them growing a little quicker. I wonder how many other wild larva are on the willow, I watched
a Limentis lorquini fly about the tree a few months ago, but I'd think they'd have finished up if any ova were laid.(all my Latin is from memory..)
mystery larva.JPG
mystery larva.JPG (141.48 KiB) Viewed 106 times
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