wriggling pupa

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wriggling pupa

Post by kevinkk »

I've just finished a batch of Sphinx larva, and like a lot of pupa, they wriggle around, and could just about go for a walk.
Everyone has noticed this phenomenon with various species.
Have I missed something? How does that work exactly? My guess is that if I dissected a wriggly pupa, it'd be a mucky mess
of caterpillar guts. Has anyone ever X-rayed a pupa? What's in there that lets the pupa respond to moisture and being touched?
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Re: wriggling pupa

Post by eurytides »

X-rays won’t see the small muscles. Scientists have used microCT to scan butterfly pupae to look at how the adult butterflies form. However, I am not aware of any studies of sphingids. Not everything in the pupae turn to “goo.” Some muscles clearly remain intact. Perhaps intersegmental muscles move the abdominal segments.
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