A short outing...

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A short outing...

Post by Trehopr1 »

Sometimes, my field outings are abbreviated due
to weather or family commitments. This past 7/31
saw me get out to one of my favorite spaces with
hopes of maybe finding 3 papilio species at once.

I got out rather late in field arriving at 4pm and
stayed till 6pm but, my location was still lively
to an extent and I will visit it again later this week.

There was not much to speak of for species (variety)
however, swallowtails were dropping by to imbibe in
a sweet re-charge and the game was on !

It was still 84 degrees out and I lugged no water along
so, I had to pace myself.... After 2 precious hours I called
it a day as activity had rapidly dropped off.

My keepers for the outing were only all of 7 specimens
pictured below. I released another 4 which initially
looked good but, had hidden damage. Yet still, I "shagged off"
another 7 for extensive damage (bird attacks/missing tails).

A decent outing (by my standards) for such a small window
and yet fresh captures could be had so a re-visit is soon to


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Re: A short outing...

Post by daveuk »

A really great haul you have there Trehopr. You are blessed with some beautiful Swallowtails in the U.S.A. We are sadly lacking in that respect in the U.K. Always a joy on my trips to the U.S. to see what I am missing !!
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Re: A short outing...

Post by Chuck »

We have right now glaucus, troilus, and polyxenes afield. Cresphontes appeared yesterday, but isn't really a field denizen.

What were they nectaring on? Here it changes constantly: (since 01 July, in order) milkweed, turtlehead, creeping thistle, beebalm (bergamot), right now Dipsacus (Teasel) is just about done but still popular, and Silphium (cup plant) is hot.
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