Bad Trade with Otto Feldner

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Bad Trade with Otto Feldner

Post by jwa121 »

Otto Feldner ( is currently running an ad on the Insectnet Classifieds.

I recommend caution if you deal with him.

In November 2021, I paid Otto Feldner for some overwintering eggs of Neoris huttoni shadulla. He accepted my payment and then told me that he didn’t actually have any Neoris huttoni shadulla eggs. He told me he would have to first get the eggs from Kazakhstan, from his friend.

Otto Feldner never sent me any eggs.

He then promised me to refund me the money I paid him.

To date, he has not refunded me the money I paid him.

He has also stopped replying to my emails.

From Otto Feldner, only silence.

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Re: Bad Trade with Otto Feldner

Post by kevinkk »

Actias .de has been experiencing log in problems, so some users have been out of contact, I just read Otto's explanation on Actias.
In any event- when someone offers, and then accepts money for something they don't actually have in hand, in my opinion, it's
a disaster in the making. I find the idea of "pre-orders" problematic, and that depends on when monies are exchanged. I'm reminded
of one of my first EU contacts who had a bad habit of accepting money for animals he did not actually have in hand, then using the money
to attempt to get the animals from his suppliers, eventually things caught up with him, and he's since disappeared. This is a good time
to reassess your position on transactions when the seller does not actually have the material, with PayPal not refunding seller fees, it
can be a losing situation for refunding, and of course, if you've used "friends and family", you may find out who your friends are.
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