CITES in-depth study

Discussion on the legal aspects of insect specimen trading and collecting
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Re: CITES in-depth study

Post by Chuck »

Most of Limmers CITES material is the same old Indonesia stuff bred for export for decades. The few interesting specimens he has one of, likely pulled from his or another old inventory.

Instead of flagging his sales as suspect, one could ask him.
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Paul K
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Re: CITES in-depth study

Post by Paul K »

Actually anyone can sell specimens without CITES if a trade is taking place in the same country, again misconception of the regulation!
I purchased specimens without CITES papers within Canada and I could/will resale them within Canada 100% legal.
If I personal import specimens from overseas then I have copies of CITES other wise I don’t and it doesn’t mean that my specimen is illegal.
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