USA Cerambycids

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USA Cerambycids

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Top photo: Crioprosopus (Callona) rimosa from S. Texas
Middle photo, third row: Crioprosopus (Megapurpuricenus) magnificus from Arizona, Plectrodera scalator from Louisiana & Oklahoma
Bottom photo, middle row: Plinthocoelium suaveolens plicatum from Texas, Dryobius sexnotatus from Texas/Louisiana border, Tragidion sp. from Arizona

Again, apologies for the temporary labels.
Callona (Crioprosopus)  rimosa.jpg
Callona (Crioprosopus) rimosa.jpg (341.79 KiB) Viewed 210 times
Crioprosopus (Megapurpuricenus) magnificus.jpg
Crioprosopus (Megapurpuricenus) magnificus.jpg (379.9 KiB) Viewed 210 times
Pl  suaveolens plicatum, Dryobius sexnotatus, Tragidion sp .jpg
Pl suaveolens plicatum, Dryobius sexnotatus, Tragidion sp .jpg (385.33 KiB) Viewed 210 times
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