Largest American Centipede...

Discussion on other insect orders not covered above and on other invertebrates such as arachnids, centipedes, millipedes, etc,
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Largest American Centipede...

Post by boghaunter1 »

Another interesting short video from "The Wild Files"... is everything really bigger in Texas?

John K.
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Re: Largest American Centipede...

Post by Trehopr1 »

I find these sort of video's at best --- amusing.
The hosts of said video's almost always delve into
some sort of "sensationalism" to reach the audience.
Science and a real knowledge about the subject along
with a "sensible" educated delivery equally does well.

The host of this video says its all of those rear legs
which (somehow) inject venom. Never heard or read
of that ! Do tell, what are those obvious fangs at the
head used for ? He NEVER pointed those out....

And to top it all off he calls it (early on in the video) a bug !!
Just another video-guy with no REAL educated knowledge of
his subject.

These creatures along with other assorted would-be video
"nasties" like tarantulas, scorpions, pepsis wasps etc. are
reasonably benign unless they are (outright) provoked or
are placed in a situation of confinment --- such as a travelers
shoes or sleeping bag.

Some of these creatures do reach impressive dimensions. In
exotic locals this is common knowledge. I'd say this Red-headed
centipede is likely the largest of any Scolopendra (stateside)
however, this species is easily dwarfed in numerous countries
around the world.

Centipedes can AND do run (upwards) of 12 -13 inches in length
with a 1 inch+ width in countries of S.E.Asia, the Andamen Islands,
a few South/Central American countries and even parts of the

Below, is a specimen which I personally captured in the desert
region (Pedernales province) of the Dominican Republic 1990.
It was crossing a desert road (early morning) on its way back
to a nearby cave at a hillside.


It was ambling along (just like the one in the video) --- rather
nonchalant until I tried placing my net in front of it. That's
when things "ramped-up" and a bit of coaxing with a stick and
net at the ready --- secured it !

I was later told by a hotel worker where I was staying that he
had seen one EVEN larger (once) when he was a boy....

I do appreciate the video's here but, I think the subjects of these
video's are sensational enough without the added element of
sensationalist "danger" and irrational human behavior added.
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Re: Largest American Centipede...

Post by kevinkk »

Awesome animals. I went to a reptile show and someone had a giant centipede, it looked a foot long. The asking price was 1k. I've got a
picture of it, but no context.
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