Using prior maps/ charts in publication?

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Using prior maps/ charts in publication?

Post by Chuck »

Is there any reason I can't publish a paper inclusive of maps or charts that appeared in prior publications, so long as I cite the source?

Obviously, I can quote from prior papers, it's done all the time. But I can't think of a single published paper that "re-used" an image (maps or charts) from a previous paper.

Specifically, I want to contrast two recent emergence bar charts with two that have previously been published in the 1980s. It would be far more expressive to have all four charts in a row, than my two charts and just a reference to the past charts.

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Re: Using prior maps/ charts in publication?

Post by Jshuey »

There are a couple of routes to go here. With permission, you can republish figures from old publications. Generally the journal has an email contact - and all you have to do is ask about the figures in question. And of course, cite the paper.

Alternately, you can re-draw the old figures with a statement something like this in the Captions "Figures X and X redrawn from Sciencedude et. al, 1995". For this to be reasonably legit, some level of re-working of the figure should happen (but I don't know what that threshold really is...)

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