trials and tribulations

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trials and tribulations

Post by kevinkk »

This is a "porchlight" topic.
So, here in our classifieds I have a listing, I'm not going to advertise it here. On other platforms, including the infamous Ebay, I have the
same livestock listed. I realize there are levels of experience, and I work with that, bottom floor , and on to the top.
Just last night I get a request for a male and a female, not so easy with unopened cocoons, but, I'll give it a go. I tell the prospective buyer
I'll make a special listing and take care of it in a few minutes, I do so, easy, because I'd listed the stock earlier and it sold, so all I do is change
listing a bit.
The item sells- but not to the right person. Ok. I'm dealing with time zones and probably other things...I make contact again, and today finally
get a message. "I prefer to not buy livestock in diapause" my expletives have been deleted. At any rate, that individual is going to have a difficult
time buying livestock not in diapause. :?:
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