New ssp. of Morpho and Pterourus

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New ssp. of Morpho and Pterourus

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Morpho sulkowskyi cleveri n. ssp.
Blandin, Lachaume & Lamas: Morpho (Cytheritis) sulkowskyi Kollar, 1849, rediscovered in the Peruvian Western Cordillera:
description of a new subspecies

Pterourus menatius karljordani n. ssp.
Costa, Viloria, Grishin, Jost, Benmesbah, Attal & Neild: Lepidoptera from the Pantepui. Part XII.
A new subspecies of Pterourus menatius (Hübner, 1819)

in: ANTENOR, Vol. 8(2), IV-2022
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