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by colon
Mon Jun 12, 2023 10:46 pm
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Topic: Paul Alexander Banko is missing
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Re: Paul Alexander Banko is missing

This is sad news. Alex was a long time friend. I first met Alex and his family when he was working with Stephane Le Tirant at the insectorium in his home town of Montreal, Canada. He was a keen collector and he regularly exibited at Juvisy, Paris and Tokyo, Japan where he made many friends with fell...
by colon
Thu Feb 16, 2023 10:51 pm
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Topic: RIP Bruce Purser
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Re: RIP Bruce Purser

RIP Bruce Purser
It is sad news received today.
Many have enjoyed his company, his knowledge and his writings.
His extensive travels were an inspiration to us all.
He will be sadly missed.
by colon
Tue Dec 13, 2022 9:13 pm
Forum: Show Your Favorite Specimen
Topic: Memphis laura rosea
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Re: Memphis laura rosea

to daveuk: regarding your chimaera chimaera specimens: the labels for the specimens that you posted appear to be from Michael Hudson at Wau. He often sourced pupa from Aseki and resold specimens when emerged. As you say you purchased these specimens from Ken Thorne in Ontario , you might check with ...
by colon
Mon Jul 18, 2022 10:46 pm
Forum: Show Your Favorite Specimen
Topic: Papilio woodfordi woodfordi
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Re: Papilio woodfordi woodfordi

Hi Chuck
for the record, Bougainville is now totally autonomous, separated from PNG last year, (2021).
Hi Adam
you are correct, P woodfordi only in Bougainville and Solomons, not PNG.
by colon
Mon Jun 27, 2022 10:04 pm
Forum: Show Your Favorite Specimen
Topic: Beautiful Moroccan Nymphalid
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Re: Beautiful Moroccan Nymphalid

to: Wollastoni and Trehopr1 It is interesting to read your recent posts. I have also spent time for collection in the High Atlas in Morocco. It is possible to be in the mountains in one metre of snow and look far south to the sand and the heat of the Sahara desert. Morocco is a country of varied top...
by colon
Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:47 pm
Forum: Show Your Favorite Specimen
Topic: Hebomoia glaucippe
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Re: Hebomoia glaucippe

I agree with Wollastoni regarding conditions in the Andaman Islands. Travel is difficult , usually from Calcutta, then getting from island to island is slow, (over 500 islands) but the rewards are worth while. I had a few months there a few years ago and my collection benefited. Diving there is OK, ...